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The Smart Eco System Alliance

The Smart Eco Alliance is a consortium of leading technology companies, which are recognized on the market particular in the intelligent networking, measuring and control of energy producers and energy consumers in buildings.

Members of the Smart Eco System Alliance are the sub-groups Controls and Metering of the Diehl Group based in Nuremberg, Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH located in Kulmbach, a company of the Irish Glen Dimplex Group, the technology corporation IBM (cloud computing / service delivery platform) controller manufacturer emz-Hanauer from Nabburg and Rockethome, a company for smart metering/energy management from Cologne.

The enterprises involved want to pool their outstanding competences in the fields of measurement engineering, data migration and communication, cloud computing, measurement and control technology, energy generation and storage as well as ventilation and air-conditioning to provide their customers with all-embracing technological solutions for modern home control. Solutions that make a significant contribution to energy policy and cost reduction in network expansion.

The Smart Eco System, enables interactive connection of e.g. household appliances or heating systems in intelligent networks (Smart Grid) on the internet. This sets the stage for harmonising power consumption and power generation - thus helping to optimise the load distribution between power supply systems. The system is complemented by the integration of storage technologies in order to buffer not currently required energy and to provide it only if required or if the power supplied by the national grid is too expensive. Of course simple applications can be realized as well. For example switching on and off the lights or integrating single-room regulations for heating or camera systems including remote control, e.g. via Smartphones.

With the Smart Eco System, offered by the Smart Eco System Alliance  users receive the ability to keep a closer eye on their energy consumption behaviours and thus can help them to react adequately to the ever-changing offers of the electricity suppliers.

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